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2014 Ford Kuga Titanium (AWD) Review

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I enjoy driving this car but have had lots of trouble with the electrical system (radio, rear camera etc) shutting down when the outside temperature gets 'too high' as in over 35 degrees. Ford tells me this happens with all Kugas and that there is no fix for it at this stage.

I have also had problems with the sat nav not producing the correct address and having some lag.

Apart from these issues I love being able to open the boot remotely with the key (unable to use the sensor due to tow bar being fitted) and I find the interior comfortable with lots of air vents for the front passengers (a few more in the back would be of benefit).

The full glass roof is great in winter allowing light into the car and providing a warmer feeling. I also like the fact that the floor of the boot can be raised to provide a completely flat space when the seats a put down.

I found the delay in take off frustrating at first but have become used to it and by slowly moving forward have found this to be less of a problem.

Ford gave me a 3000km complimentary service which allowed me to let them know of any issues I had so that they could be fixed quickly.

Having spoken to other Kuga owners I'm glad that I chose to buy the titanium model as that is their biggest regret mostly due to the hands free tail gate lift.