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2014 Ford G6 E Turbo Review

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While I've always admired the Australian offerings from Ford and Holden, however, they have never had anything that was suitable at the time of purchase. Mind you, its not their fault my circumstances change and I felt somewhat responsible for their closure. This is the first Australian built car I've purchased, and the rest have been .Japanese.

This is my story:

Years earlier, I'd bought a used Ford Fairmont from my local Ford Dealership due to its cavernous interior and its ability to swallow 3 baby seats. I guess this was when the seeds were sown and it would take another fifteen (15) years before I would retrace those steps. In that time, I've purchased four (4) Japanese made cars and come to expect Japanese level of quality and workmanship.

I wasn't expecting much from the G6E Turbo, the FG's interior was a generation behind and there was a new model due this year. The aging engine, as good as it is, was a hard sell in this current climate. The six (6) speed auto is a great gearbox but many makers are introducing 7 or 8 speed boxes or double clutch manual gearboxes.

Once you overlook the hard plastics and some minor fit and finish problems, what an amazing car! From behind the wheel, the technology inside will satisfy most, unless you grew up in European cars all your life. Why would you be looking here in the first place? It comes with Sat Nav, iPod/iPhone integration plus it has Bluetooth connectivity for your phone and music streaming. It can actually handle two (2) devices, one connected as a phone and another as the musical device, just in case you were wondering. It doesn't have auto sensing wipers or lane departure but I can live with that. I need to stay alert anyway.

Stomp the right foot and you'll be breaking the speed limit in no time. It doesn't have a massive turbo rush but rather a gentile urgency that gathers pace without fuss. The standard disc brakes on all corners are strong and more than adequate for its intended purpose. On the highway, this car gobbles the distance and doesn't have any trouble keeping pace with anything. So the fuel economy must be bad? Right?

So here is the clincher, a car capable of extraordinary speed and acceleration while returning 9L/100kms highway driving and 11L/100kms of normal city driving. There are cars with better numbers than this, but is it in the same package? Can you fit 5 adults comfortably? Is it drive away for less than $45K?

Now excuse me, I'm going to have my cake and eat it!