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2014 Ford Focus TREND Review

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If you've never driven a focus - drive one today. It's a real drivers car, rewarding in every sense, without breaking the bank of course. With one of the best steering feedbacks I've experienced, and everything at reach you're nourished inside the cabin with total control. I also love the space upfront, and the seat bolstering that hugs you. Your comfortable and secure, with great visibility out front. Rear visibility is a bit tight but you get used to it very quickly, with the reverse sensors lending aid to your peace of mind. The quality of the interior is also fantastic, with soft touch materials galore, and a fit and finish to match.

The engine is also great - with enough grunt to place a smile on your face when you want to kick down a gear or two. It's not sporty by any means, but it rewards you by trying. The manual gear box is a pleasure to knock through as well, with a nice notchiness to it, and plenty of feel.

With a 15000km/12 month service interval, I've also found my dealership servicing to be quite reasonable. Depending on whether you get capped price servicing or not (I did with mine) it's a great way to go.

Overall, I could not recommend the Ford Focus more - it's a little beauty of a car, and well worth a look at. I will never again consider anything else. It's fun, practical, well built and comfortable to drive. My next car will also be a focus.