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2014 Ford Falcon XR8 Review

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The car is a weekend warrior and I don't think there is anything else at this price point that has much to offer and put a grin on your face the way a muscle car should.

I have all makes of cars including fast golfs and subarus and audis . Get one of these whilst you can . After driving SUVs recently including jeeps you forget how well a good old fashioned rear wheel drive ford can be .

My dad still drives falcons although has another car it is the falcon he drives every day . I wanted a gtf or gts to put away but could not afford or justify the price the 57k drive away ford has almost been accepted my partner as a need and not a want.

The car is driven on sunny days usually to places where I can see it and park it away from other cars . My mate has the new gts and the performance of the xr8 and gts is not a big gap and the sound the ford makes keeps you constantly hitting the pedal.

When I was younger I was keen to own an e49 charger but did have funds to own one the xr8 is the best modern version of the iconic 70s super cars . I have only owned one ford prior to the xr8 and may not buy one again as my next car other than my everyday family prado tractor would be to May be get that charger .