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2014 Ford Ecosport Trend Review

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At 72 years old, buying my dream car in bright yellow was the ultimate thrill until I heard a noise I couldn't account for at just under 2,000 Kms.

The mechanic at the dealership didn't find the cause, I was told it was fine and they would look again at the 3,000 service. I was absolutely dismayed when informed it needed a new drive shaft.

Apparently the bearings didn't have enough grease when it was made. I am still terribly unhappy even though I am assured it will be put right under the warranty, I wonder what else will go wrong.

A woman on her own like me cannot talk with authority about mechanics with service engineers. I am lost for words and have lost all confidence in my car. On a lighter note I never lose it in the car park and if anyone tried to say they couldn't see me must be blind!!

I like the lumber support adjust, for me it's really comfortable. The boot space is ok and the rear seats are easy to put flat with the "pull handles".

I think an armrest in the centre would be an improvement.

But, and to me it's a big but, I am still extremely concerned my car needs putting right at such an early stage of its life. I have changed my mind about recommending the Ford ecosport to anyone as my experience has certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. I will never feel the same about my car again.