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2014 Citroen DS3 Dstyle Review

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I bought the cabrio model and love it ! I live in Canberra and you can still drive it with the top down in winter due to the great heating system.

Everywhere I drive people stop and stare, even old ladies on walking frames. If you want a car that has all the sporty stuff on it, I have the black 17 in wheels and my car is jaune peaganse so it looks amazing !

Sure the boot is tricky, but I can still get my Costco shopping in the boot. Yes it would be nice to have a reversing camera, but then it would up,the cost. I got a great deal and love my car more every day.

The capped price service is a great idea, while having 6 years warranty and 6 years road side assist is good too. The car was $10 a month cheaper to insure than my suzuki swift and its a cabrilo. It is even cheaper to service than my Suzuki.

I find it handles well, though the second to third gear change ( auto) can be a bit rough. I have only had the car 3 months, so it maybe me ?

It's good up hills and has a lot of extra zip.

The seats provide good support and I've had 6 ft 2 people in the front and back and they had leg room. I noticed the new model has some extra features like the camera, but the price is $10000 more, so I'm happy with mine how it is.