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2014 BMW X5 xDrive 50i Review

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My Lease was about to expire on my 2010 X5 30i, the retention manager from the BMW dealer calls me to ask if I was interested in upgrading. I was going to refinance my E70 but because of some negative equity problems I had to put some cash towards the re-finance. He then suggested the Full Circle Program which suited me more.

I was about to almost go ahead with 2015 F15 X5 30i, then I happen to look on the used /demo section and saw the Carbon Black 2014 F15 50i which caught my eye. It was a demo with 5000km, registered in October 2014 it was a good deal. The next morning it was a better deal because it dropped $10k overnight.

I have had it for 3 months now, love it.

Unbelievable Power and Torque, sounds great.

Completely transformed interior from the E70, lot more exciting than the E70.

Love the large iDrive display, lots of improvements over the E70.

Sound System, Digital Radio are great

Live Traffic information on the GPS is accurate and provides route alternatives. good to keep you away from traffic jams.

Improved suspension, better dampening, not as harsh over bumps. Less complaints from the wife who has a bad back.

The deal came with 3 years standard servicing.

Fuel economy is magnificent considering it is a V8 and there is all the reserve power there when you need it.

When you floor it that V8 sound gets me going. yet it is still economical ...

Uses under 2l/100km more petrol than the E70 which is so impressive.

I loved the E70, but I love this one more.