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2014 BMW X1 sDrive 20i Sportline Review

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Overall, the X1 is a comfortable ride - it features great handling and performance, however it lacks interior detail. Additionally, the standard seats, along with the general driver positioning, can err on the uncomfortable over long trips.

One of my biggest gripes with this car is the interior. It feels a little underdone compared to other BMWs, and whilst still being comfortable - I feel that more could have been done to improve it. Perhaps a minor detail, however with the standard interior package (Leather Look - not genuine), the steering wheel is noticeably thinner than other BMW models. This alone - although relatively minor - has been a personal gripe over the last year.
I upgraded to this model from a 118i, which in hindsight actually felt more premium inside than the X1 does. The ride comfort and seating within the 118i felt more custom and refined.

The turbo-charged engine in the X1 is however a pleasant feature, and makes for some good fun on the open road. The automatic transmission is flawless and complements the car's power nicely. Fuel economy for the power output is also relatively good - at around 10.5l/100km.

The X1 is a fine car, however it doesn't really do anything to 'delight' me in my daily driving. If this is your entry into the BMW brand, then I'd probably recommend going with a 1 series (2014>) and upgrading the interior with some of the optional extras. My next purchase will likely be a 3-series, as I got one on loan while my X1 was recently being serviced. After driving that for a few days, then going back to the X1 - the difference between the two was quite distinctive!