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2014 BMW 5 20d GT Luxury Line Review

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The 5 series GT is a unique car. I've read all the reviews of people not liking the styling but I like it although I admit the standard 5 series is a sleeker sportier looking car.

My reason for purchase comes down to having three teenage children all approaching or at 6 ft tall.

Try and find other sedans that will fit 5adults . In this day and age it means an suv. I already own an suv and wanted to be able to drive a sedan but didn't want to buy a holden statesman which is about the only alternative.

All the big sedans are really only for 4 people but the GT is about as good as it gets. I've never owned or wanted a bmw until now. It's really a good car .

The last few cars I have purchased were large high end suv's from another company costing almost three times the price of the gt. I am really happy with the performance and value of this car considering its cost.

I always used to go with the highest engine power option and it has been quite a revelation going to the smallest engine option. It is really quite remarkable performance for a car of its size, quiet and smooth although you will never win a drag race!

All in all it Ahs been a good purchase and the dealer has been really helpful in putting the deal together and assisting getting the car to me for inspection and handover. I have never been to their yard.