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2014 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI Review

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Great build quality and beautifully finished. Exceptional economy and surprising performance from the 1.4 L. Have been averaging under 6l/100km on long trips and under 8 around town.

Acceleration and overtaking performance is amazing and comparable if not better than our previous SP23 Mazda. Economy is far better than the Mazda though. Gearbox operation is fantastic once on the move but a little delayed when starting off from standstill.

The stop/start feature can be a bit jerky when starting off but gentle application of throttle will make it smoother. Steering is very light with not much feel. Handling is good but ride can be quite firm and a bit choppy with the 18 inch wheels and sport suspension which is part of the style package.

Sat nav is great and std audio is quite good. Strangely there is no USB input however there is a hard drive which will store a few thousand songs. The hard drive can be loaded from a SD card or disc. Audio can also stream via Bluetooth from a phone.

All the technology connects and works quite well and is easy to set up. Beautiful interior which is also very functional and easy to understand. All the controls are quite intuitive to use.
There is no rear centre armrest though unless you order as a $400 option which I think is ridiculous.

We have only had the car a few weeks now and have covered about 3000km but so far there have been no problems and everything has worked perfectly. We purchased from Toowoomba Audi and the whole experience was very enjoyable.

Overall we're very happy with the car.