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2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Progression JTD-M Review

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This is my first Alfa and my first small diesel. I have owned it now for 18 months and have completed 30,000km. I love this car. I especially love the handling, the performance and the fuel economy. Initially I didn't like the Anthracite colour but it has grown on me over time and now I really like it. I originally wanted the ALFA red, but I'm content now because this little car is such a refined little package.

The engine and gearbox (dual-clutch, six-speed) are just brilliant, ratios perfect and the engine is just a beauty. My only complaint is that under full power from a standing start you need to steer right to compensate for the drag to the left. That said, it accelerates pretty quickly for a diesel. Sadly there has been no consideration for simple cabin features like drink holders and places to put small items like an iPhone or similar. There a silly little box under the windscreen that's about as useful as a pocket in a singlet.

The paddle shifts make it feel like a small Ferrari (yes they are fantastic), the brakes are excellent and pull up very quickly without fade. The interior comfort and space are good with excellent seats.

I'm already planning to buy my next Alfa - another diesel identical to this one, but probably a Brera. I've even started to price the 4C but if it doesn't have this 2-litre turbo diesel then I may pass (at least until I can test drive it!).