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I would definitely NOT recommend purchasing one of these. If there were no quality issues it would be a passable car for work or private use for the price however I bought one of the first 10 in the state, have done 3900km and taken it back 5 times to get things fixed. If you do purchase one, check:
- Model Year on the build plate, mine is MY12 passed of as MY13
- Payload in the owners manual, mines listed as 625kg instead of 1t
- All electrics work, I had multiple fuse problems driving off the lot
- Brake pedal returns to normal position after braking and downshifting at the same time
- If you have an iPhone bring a charger and check it charges
- Listen for clunks from front end when making sharp turns out of driveways
- Check interior fittings like glovebox closing easily and sun visors not hanging down away from the roof

Overall the service department is valiantly trying to fix a dud every time I bring it back but I've been left wishing I'd paid a bit more for a quality brand.