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2013 Volvo S60 T5 Luxury Review

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Reliable, safe and good low down torque when pushed. Spacious and fuel economy on highway is 5.9 litres per 100

The interior quality is second to none no squeaks or rattles and servicing costs are very reasonable now having completed 35,000km of trouble free motoring.

The noticeable thing is slight wind noise from the side mirrors at speed. The raking windscreen is a tad hot on summer days but the air-con copes very well and the climate control is user friendly.

The brakes are very good and the vehicle is abound with safety features. The bi xenon headlights are effective at night on the highway, it is quiet and distances are covered with ease. One thing I should have opted for are heated seats, they're a nice option on cold winter mornings - they are however extremely comfortable on short or long journeys

Paint quality is excellent! I polish and wax it twice a year and it still looks new

One issue is the gearing it can be vague at times especially on gradients when moving from a stationary position, so use of the geartronic eliminates the issue.
The best thing now is that the boxy stodgy old looks of a Volvo are long departed and my head is held high and proud.

The quality and feel of this vehicle is a standout after having had Audi's and Mercedes, I am loyal to the cause and in fact now have a v50 T5 wagon - lovely.

Swedes rule!