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I bought my 13.5 Volkswagen Polo GTi brand new here in Canberra the bi xenon lights as an option. I adore the car!

For a small car, the straight line performance is amazing - the speed can really get away from you! The way the 7 speed DSG reacts if you plant the foot in 7th is amazing - the kickback from 7th to 4th is instant, and putting it in S or Manual modes and doing the same thing is quicker again - making overtaking on the highways easy as.

The cornering ability of the car is amazing too. It has a lot more potential than I do skill, and the trick front diff and traction control are superbly set up - it's very subtle in the way it operates but it does a good job at the same time. Because the suspension is set up for sporty handling - the ride quality on the 17" 40profile Dunlop tyres is very firm around town - and fidgety on highways like the Hume. It's borderline uncomfortable - but it's a compromise I am happy to live with for the handling ability.

The braking performance is awesome too, the brakes are very touchy and I found that I needed to keep reminding myself that most cars won't stop as quick as the GTI does.

The build quality is exceptional - though I have a rattle somewhere in the dash that does annoy me sometimes, and the silver trim around the gear selector does reflect sunlight into your eyes in certain conditions. The tartan seats are comfortable and very supportive. I'm fairly skinny so I still slide around a bit in the seats but it's not a major issue for me. One thing - if you have the centre armrest as far down as it goes - it does make putting the passenger seat belt on a bit of an issue. Also, with the comfort lack being standard now, it comes with single zone climate control and automatic wipers (which I personally dislike)

Safety - airbags, ABS, TCS, DSC, EBD etc

Economy - around town I'm currently averaging 6.8 litres per hundred and I don't baby the car either. On the highway I've had it into the high 5's. The fuel tank is only 45 litres so I average about 575km (city driving) to a tank before refills and it does require 98RON so it is a bit more expensive to fill.

A few things I wish were different.

The boot is tiny - about 205 litres. It's smaller than the rest of the polo range - the battery is located under the space saving spare tyre in the boot as opposed to under the bonnet in the rest of the polo range.

There's not a whole lot of leg room in the rear - but it is a small car so it's something you'd expect. It had cubby holes all through out the cabin.

Capped price servicing - 15,000km or 12 months. It cost me $320 for my 15,000 service and a tyre rotate was done at the same time.

The stereo system is quite good for a stock system - the touch screen interface is nice and easy to use with high res screen - the small Bluetooth pod attached to the dash is my biggest gripe of the whole car, it's ugly cheap looking and I can't work out what it's used for - the other Bluetooth system works fine and the voice control works (it's all drivable from the touchscreen or the MFD navigated with the steering wheel controls)

Also, with the optional xenon lights (they were about $1600 - xenon headlights, LED DRL, static cornering lights, washer system, LED tail lights and LED number plate lights) are amazing at night. The low beam is incredible - it almost renders the high beam redundant.

All in all, it's a good car. Has a few issues but they might be issues for some people. Definitely a step above the rest of the polo range.