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2013 Volkswagen Passat 125 TDI Highline Review

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I bought this demo car from one of the Vw dealers. Being demo, with very low mileage, this feels like an new car but ideal for long time. It looks sleek, super. It is my first diesel car. Powerful enough. The noise is bigger patrol one, but not as big as I anticipated.

With full tank, it well supports city and suburban driving, for 900 KM plus. As a long time VW owner, it gets familiar with me in seconds. With its TDI 2.0 Litre engine, it gives enough power to drive in Melbourne hilly roads.

The car came with panoramic sunroof, but I was on it without more choices due to stock reason. To be honest, this panoramic roof is not very cost effective. I reckon normal roof shall be good enough. I chose wagon because I thought I wanted spacious trunk.

It turned out to be a modest one instead. The sound system, is a beauty. Music accompanies me all the time since then. The only missing part in the radio and music system is it doesn't support MP3. CD, yes there is CD rack, but these days who uses CD players ? The bluetooth telephone function works superb!

One touch button enables me to pick up incoming calls, while telling me Caller ID. I am still working on firs and next service in a VW dealer, to see how much it will cost. I reckon I need a long journey to experience this car and proof it worths the money I paid.