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2013 Volkswagen Passat 118 TSI Review
  • Engine performance, Ease of expanding wagons storage configuration , Great visibility , Standard features like view camera with park assist, Standard leather seats
  • Expensive dealership capped services, High cost of tow pack, Speed control fiddly to engage

by Peter

Reliability has been outstanding with no breakdowns or difficulties starting. Servicing cost at VW disappointingly expensive. Although it is capped the cap increased by the first service.

Other mechanics service companies charge far less than VW for a logbook service even when it is only an oil change with safety check. The exception was the transmission recall which was handled by the VW dealer efficiently while I waited at the dealership.

Engine performance is outstanding. The disappointing features are the wagon cargo net roof to floor which is too flimsy tearing easily, the ridiculously expensive tow bar package which was quoted at up ton $3,000 by the VW dealer for electrical wiring installation and a tow bar that they had no idea when they could get in stock.

In the end I was told to go to an after market installer but if could jeopardise the warranty if the after market installer damaged the electrical system. This is most annoying as I can’t get the dealer to organise fitting of a tow bar even one capable of mounting a bicycle rack.

The disorganised vehicle manual which has an unhelpful index. I can’t find even the simplest item such as how to reset the clock time without spending an hour searching all throughout the manual.

The manual is particularly lacking in basic instructions like how to operate the jack and change a tyre as the jacking points on the vehicle are not obviously indicated. The fuse box is not clearly identified and if anything were to blow a fuse it would have to be returned to VW service as it is overly complicated without explanation in the manual.

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2013 Volkswagen Passat 118 TSI Review Review
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