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2013 Volkswagen Jetta 147 TSI Highline Review

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One of the best mid sized sedans around. I sold my 07 Honda Euro for the 2013 147tsi highline and don't regret my decision, apart from not having a manual gearbox. It looks sleek, is very roomy, has a great engine, a good sounding 8 speaker stereo and enough features that keep me entertained.

While the interior plastics aren't as good as the Honda, everything else is good. Comfortable seating, heaps of leg room, refined on the road, good medium weighted steering and very stable at high speeds. The 6sp dsg is ok, however I'm a manual lover and no auto will ever cut it for me.

For the majority of buyers, it will suffice. Fuel economy is good for the 147kw it puts out and it's one very responsive engine that makes you want to prod the accelerator whenever possible. I use the gearbox in tipshift mode as d is too doughy for me and is only designed for ultimate fuel economy. Big boot with a 12v outlet, (if anybody really carries that many tablets and phones that need charging at the same time), along with another 2 outlets in the car.

Bottle holders in each door, 2 middle cup holders front and rear, rear air cond vents, nice frosty air conditioning and cooled glove box with a usb port, good trip computer info, helpful sat nav, I could go on. Why Australia buy suv's by the boat load is beyond me. I never have and never will accept them as a proper drivers car, no matter what manufactures will try and tell the public. No problems to report as have only done 26k, service costs seem normal in 2015, I get loan car and my car is washed and vacuumed for me.

Mid sized sedans are still the best family cars going around. My Jetta is smaller, dimensionally, than my sister's suv, however even she's surprised by the interior room, boot space, performance and fuel economy.

Just test drive one, they are good cars for the money.