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2013 Volkswagen Golf GTi Review

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I've come from the big and heavy side of cars, so going from a "boat" to this MK6 GTI was quite a drastic change. One thing I must point out is the fact that there is A LOT more room inside than it looks like from the outside. I am 6'6 and not only do I fit comfortably, I can also have an average sized person behind me.

It's an extremely well rounded vehicle, it's more than enough power to have fun with, while still maintaining about 21 mpg city, with me beating on it, I'm talking traction control off spinning tires around turns lol... its definitely not the fastest in its class, but it is the most comfortable, and responds extremely well to mods.

The 6 speed is super smooth, and the clutch is light making it one of the best daily driver on the market. I have owned mine for about two months at this point, I picked mine up used for a great deal, nothing has disappointed me so far, it just does everything so well. It can fit 2 or 3 weeks worth of groceries in the trunk, and if need be fold down the 60/40 split seats, and you can easily double your load.

It seems like the best blend of luxury and power, it's a family car, that will make you want to go drive for no reason, just to hear the engine scream at high rpm. Heated seats and heated mirrors will be fantastic when the time comes, the bluetooth phone connection sounds pretty bad, that's about my only complaint in that department.

Definitely worth a look if you are shopping this car class.