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2013 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Comfortline Review

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First off i am a ex-technician (mechanic) who has owned half a dozen cars,worked on and repaired more than i would like to remember.

And when i changed my career in 1999,i never wanted to look at another car again,but the time came in 2013 where i had to buy a new car,but i was stumped as to what to buy as i had not had an interest in cars in a long time,being covered in grease and oil for lot of years tends to do that.

I thought about the brand of car that i last worked on ,and found out that they had been taken over by a European company that i knew had unreliable vehicles,so that was the end of that idea. Then i suddenly knew what i would buy, a friend had lent me his VW Golf MK 4 (2004 model) and i thought what a great car.

And there on the net was a photo of the White VW Golf MK7 Comfortline hatch, it had my name on it, so got to the dealers as quickly as i could , the salesman took me for a drive and wanted me to drive it,and i said i don't need too,i said the car is sold ,and the rest is as they say history.

One of the reasons i knew the car would be good was it was made in Wolfberg Germany, not some other countries that i won't mention. I took the extended warranty.

This brilliant car has never had anything wrong with it ,i cannot find one thing wrong with this car,and i am fussy,this car's design is superb.I never thought i wouid have respect for a car after all the vehicles i have encounted over the years,but this car is number 1 (Das Auto ).