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2013 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Comfortline Review

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Great car - refined, balanced, economical - not as conservative as some say - would buy another one

Manual great fun to drive - taught my daughter to drive in this car and she loves it

Drove other cars but they did not have the finish that the golf has - I have driven bigger VWs and the golf parts are in the much more expensive cars so believe get a premium product

Sometimes tricky with the electronic break on a hill start but get used to this

My wife swears by car and wants a new one in three years - may Aldo look at the golf estate as this has good vfm against some of the bigger VWs

I think the vw dealership could be better though they are very nice and professional they act as though they are just trying to get more money out of you which is a pity as they have good products to sell

The dealerships need to lift their game as brand loyalty is important in purchasing cars and poor or misdirected service damages the brand - know people who have been put off by service not the product

The golf is a great car and the comfortline is the best in the line for vfm - it'll be interesting whether any issues arise - at the moment nothing other than a bit if a sweaky clutch has been the issue - it's important that the gold holds it price and second ones are expensive

Best small car on the market