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2013 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Trendline Review

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Waste of time! Don't buy a Amarok!!! Save your money for a Ranger, BT-50, Navara etc...

We brought this Amarok new in December in 2013. It had done 000324kms, so it was a ex-demo. after about 3 weeks of drving it and actually enjoying it, I lost power steering on a vacation with family and friends. This made me look a fool on the side of the road, with their other RELIABLE newer utes beside me. I made numerous calls and even appointments to my local VW dealer, and their reason for the steering to go, was that I was "thrashing it" on the outback dusty/bumpy etc roads. Excuse me?

I would like to meet the man who can thrash ANY ute that is absolutely packed and towing a off-road camper.

Local VW wasn't helping me at all...until about a week later they gave in. and fixed it. the bill was insane.

Everything was fine until 5 months later.......it over heated and I lost 3rd gear. SERIOUSLY! I am not lying. I thought that buying a nice-looking and tech-savvy german ute would be faultless and cool to drive. but no. this saw me negotiate even more with local VW dealer and even then they blamed me and my driving style! they just couldn't get it. I had a new gear box put in and they fiddled with the front coolant and tweaked other crumbling bits. fine. good.

Then I got the bill......and I had to sell my house. not literally of course....but $8,994? come on VW.

And then even more...1 week ago the air con completely failed. and at this point I gave up. I decided that the Amarok needed to be put down. I couldn't be bothered forking out another 10k for it to be fixed.

So one Saturday evening I invited all the family and very close friends....took it down to work, and let them loose.

The only real thing that worked a treat was the infotainment system. it is streets ahead of the Ranger, BT-50, HiLux, Triton.....etc. and it actually worked to.

Since then I have brought a 2015 Ford Ranger 4WD Auto.

Which is faultless. Utterly, and completely. and I am very please with Ford overall and the Amarok squashing Ranger.