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2013 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Highline Review

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I have just purchased a Amarok, I am totally surprised with how much it feels like a normal car driving and just sitting in it. You feel like your in a solid family car, the torque from the little 2litre is pretty unreal and totally gets me thinking, wow a small engine with this torque?

This thing cruises on any road feels solid doing it, I couldn't be more happier with this car. 8 speed Auto is like nothing I have driven in a Duel Cab, pretty crazy when you lose count of the shifts along the way and just feel the torque. Its quiet, pretty rapid for a duel cab and will eat miles with ease.

Great weekend car, work day car or family car, hell chuck tools in the back and do your thing. Grab your keys no matter the weather , terrain , distance and just go. If you thinking about purchasing one of these Cars, check the break and all the usuals.

Also make sure you try look for one with some kind of reverse camera to save your tail in tight car parks all of which I am grateful now. The only thing I would love to do to the thing is raise it a little, put some LED bar spot lights on it and a some tuning and breathing mods for extra torque , why you ask ? well lights are a no brainer on country roads. I love the front Bar to much to smash it, Torque ? No such thing as to much and with 2 turbo's who doesn't secretly want to tap into this thing a little. : ) Brrraaaapp