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2013 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 (4x4) review

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The 2013 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 (4x4) drives like a small car around town yet hauls like a big rig.

It has a spacious and easy to clean interior. With its superior stock off-road capabilities and its easy to use four-wheel drive and low-range selector with automatic-locking hubs, you can go between modes easily while off-roading.

The added features of the off-road mode and rear diff lock allow for hassle-free off-roading, especially with its excellent power and torque from the bi-turbo 2.0-litre engine. That makes for easy towing on and off-road with little compromise to efficiency. This car has nearly no boundaries, even when it is bog stock.

As for this model's age, the stereo technology is very underwhelming for music streaming, but great for hands-free phone use with its voice-activated contacts list – say a contact's name and the car calls for you.

As I am 21 years old, this car is an absolute dream and I will never regret my purchase. It has really proven itself when towing my camper fully loaded with a total of 1.8 tonnes of camper with camping gear, water, food, tools, batteries and four people in the car for a four-hour trip with no complaints about room. And even being completely stock, driving up the beach to find the campsite is an easy task.

I give my model an 8.5 out of 10. I am a very satisfied VW owner and very much looking forward to more joining my family along the way.