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2013 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

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We have recently returned home after touring parts of western Qld NT and WA a total of approx. 14000 klms towing a caravan, this included over 700 klms of dirt on the gibb river road in WA, we cannot speak to highly of the performance of our HI-Lux which handled all conditions without fuss proving beyond doubt that we had chosen the right vehicle for the job, both engine and 4 speed auto gearbox [ transmission cooler fitted ] performed extremely well with no issues all the way.

We really like the height of the vehicle which offers not only good ground clearance but also great visibility all round, handy if you have a vertically challenged missus, the comfort levels while driving for extended periods were also top class keeping fatigue levels low with little or no numb bum syndrome,

This is our second Hi-Lux having traded in our 2007 model for this model which has three year warranty and fixed price servicing, we are really impressed with our local dealership as well as interstate dealers in Darwin and Mt Isa where scheduled services and additional oil changes were carried out .

All in all we are very happy with our vehicle even though its a little light on in towing capacity, this is to be remedied in the 2016 model I'm told, though in saying this as stated before we have never had any concerns with the ability to handle all the situations we came across from bitumen to river crossings, our favourite vehicle by a mile.