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2013 Toyota HiLux SR Review

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Very disapointed i have dual cab manual alloy tray carry nothing and only get 520kms to full tank 470km on long distance.

I bought it new and have been disspointed with power and fuel my mate got ssme 2 year older has lots tools in back we were getting 750 to a tank and with mostley 4 people in it service guys have no interest in fixing it been back to northbridge twice scraboro once going again i hoing leave there until some thing done.

Smells off diesel blows black smoke not happy with engine gearbix good brakes average some times it stops quick some times not if i pump pedal it better every thing else good just costs me more to run than my 5.7 commodore dont no why dealer not keen on sorting out problem so unhappy with toyots i will not buy another toyota again.