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2013 Toyota Corolla Levin ZR Review

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Brought new in late 2012, have done over 40,000km mixed city/country driving, always used 98 octane.

Car has been cap priced service by Toyota Dealer as per handbook and has not given one moment of worry.

If there is a negative about this car and I would have to be nit picking to find any, the boot in the Levin ZR hatch is probably a fraction small. The car is reliable, comfortable, economical and a pleasure to drive.

I previously owned a Mazda 3 and had several ongoing problems, the dealers were never that happy to see you, always managed to find a few hundred dollars worth of extras each service and the road noise in the Mazda 3 was virtually deafening compared to the Corolla.

To sum up it you want a safe, reliable trouble free car that does everything well the Corolla would be my choice before any of the so called euro cars, my neighbour has a late model Golf and will never buy another Euro thoroughbred, too much expensive hassle.

As the hatch is still going strong I am in no hurry to trade in on anything, but when the time comes the new Corolla Sedan looks the goods.

We have not always had small to medium cars, we have done the full range from 1948 dodge (our first car) through to FJ Holden, XD Falcon wagon HZ 5litre Premier and the difference between all these cars certainly gives you plenty of choice, overall the Corolla Hatch has been the favourite from a practical and reliability viewpoint, even the Bride has been heard to mutter I like this car, high praise indeed, and believe me she likes a fang.