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2013 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 Review

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Having Toyota V6’s as part of our work program for many years I hope the following can provide a sound overview of my current vehicle, 2013 Aurion Sportivo SX6.

Yes, the Aurion does get mistaken for a Camry regularly but having driven the 4 cylinder Camry,it is not within a bull’s roar of the Aurion.

The effortless V6, while it may not have masses of torque and it can take a while to wind up, it is very smooth and once you build up the revs, it can be ver quick. Both the power and the torque peaks high in the rev range.

Overtaking is a breeze. Likewise the gearbox changes are very smooth, however, it has been programmed it to be slow to kick down and can get erratic with its gear choices at times. With all the power going through the front end, torque steer can be an issue, but in a weird sort of way it adds a bit of character to keeping it on the straight and narrow.

Interior space is excellent which 5 adults can sit in comfort. Rear bench space is very good. Interior design is dated and the use of plastics does cheapen it in certain areas – although the Sportivo does receive other trim highlights to help its presentation. General quality of the parts is fine though.

Infotainment screen is very basic but most notably the radio head unit is terrible and struggles to pull in and hold any signal. Using Bluetooth for music is better but on occasion the connection will drop out which can be quite distracting.

The air conditioning; in typical Toyota style has been brilliant. It continually keeps us in absolute comfort with icy cold AC and more than enough power to tackle the hot local weather.

Reliability has been top notch and it has not missed a beat in 4 years and 75,000 kms – and I do not drive it gently. Sports suspension does help greatly, especially when taking it for longer drives. The power and handling combination make it an excellent tourer on the open road.

Interestingly, I was driving my mates 2013 Volvo C70 T5, whilst a heavy car no doubt, it was not a match for the Aurion in terms of power and general drive and feel. Yes, the Volvo is a totally different car but in the day to day real world when driving from point A to B, one of these was much more refined and comfortable to reside in. Can only shudder what he paid for it new.

Only minor gripes I have found are that the gearbox can be slow to move under throttle but for average driving it is fine. The ABS front left wheel is far too sensitive and often engages which has led to inordinate disc wear. Certainly the exterior design is a cause of much discontent but for me it is fine. Looks best in white with the black inserts. Steering rack can be a bit slow to respond but not a major issue. And I mist admit the headlights are also quite ordinary.

So there you have it, if you need space and prefer a V6 with good reliability and comfort - the Aurion is a sound choice and a relative bargain on the second hand market.