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2013 Toyota 86 GTS Review

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After almost a nine month wait I took deliver of my Toyota 86 GTS auto.

After owning this vehicle for almost a year I could say I had been truly privileged to own this wonderful vehicle. It's looks are great , it's handling is marvellous, the engine just gets up and goes with a wonderful throaty sound that makes you feel the car more than what it is and the fit and finish is Toyota perfect.

There is just one issue I have with the car that only surfaced about a month ago which I believe is serious enough to have forced me to move this fantastic car on.

I started to notice while driving an intermittent smell of 98 octane vapour entering the cabin. On first noticing it I took the car straight to the dealer who put it up on the hoist to visually check but found nothing.

The problem has persisted with the car inspected by the dealer several times but with no result. Toyota tells me that when they have test driven it they can't recreate the problem and other than reporting the issue to head office Toyota cannot go further with the matter as no other cases of this nature have been reported.

OK, so where do I go now? My wife doesn't feel safe in the car as you never know when odour of petrol in the cabin will surface. So it is with deep regret that I have decided to trade in this lovely car which has now led me to give my 86 an ownership rating of 0/10.

I hope & trust this problem is not as serious as it would seem and doesn't other Toyota 86 owners.