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2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara Sports Review
  • Turning circle WOW! This 4x4 turns on a dime., Low range 4x4., Comfortable , Not too big like most 4x4's, Price is good compared to other cars of its size.
  • 4 speed auto gearbox is 1980 technology., First gear low range could be lower.

by Tim Jones

I have owned my Zook now for 1.5 years and my experience is as follows.

Performance & Economy – The 2.4L petrol engine has plenty of power but is quite noisy in the mornings when cold, once the engine warms up the noise is as quite as any other car in its class and price range. Economy of the 2.4 will surprise you when you watch how fast the fuel indicator drops to empty, the 2.4 drinks fuel like it was out of a yard glass.

Cabin Space & Comfort – The Zook has everything you need in a car, front seats are nice to sit in for long drives, back seats are quite firm but I don’t seat in the back. Back seats have plenty of room for a rear facing car seat and you don’t need to push the front passenger seat forward to accommodate it. The 60/40 rear seat division is great, as the baby seat remains unaffected if more boot space is required.

Technology & Connectivity – The only technology in this car is the satnav everything else is standard equipment that you will find in most other cars in its range. The satnav is VERY GOOD it comes with SD card slot, USB and AUX. The SD will allow you to buy or download outback trails or new speed cameras and upload them to the satnav.

Price & Features – The price is great for this car. I bought my Zook in late December and haggled the price down to a good price with metallic paint. Features are simple and if you want fancy pantsy you will have to spend more money and buy a bigger 4×4 $$.

Ride & Handling – Ride is like any other 4×4 (Except Disco 4, thats a sweet ride.) a bit bouncy and canoe like on tight corners from new, I installed air assist air bags in the rear springs that change the cornering characteristics for the better. If you need to tow or load plenty of camping gear in the back I would recommend the air bags.

Overall Rating – Cons are 4 speed gearbox is terrible, first gear low range could be lower.
Pros are turning circle WOW! This 4×4 turns on a dime. You will not find a better 4×4 in this price range.
Grand Vitara is a great car around town, very easy to park and with lots of visibility, if camping with the kids is something you like to do this car is for you.

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2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara Sports Review Review
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