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2013 Subaru WRX S-Edition review

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I have a Subaru WRX S-Edition. I purchased the car because I am a Subaru enthusiast, and it was my dream and goal for five years to save up for the 2015 WRX STi. But as they were becoming too popular and not as exciting, I came across the last Crystal Black S-Edition. Intrigued, I looked into it and realised they are so rare that I have the only one in my state of Tasmania.

I like how the car handles, its overall gruntiness – as I'm in the stages of doing a full build on it – and how quickly it picks up and goes. And how much of a head-turner it really is. I get asked about it all the time.

Dislikes? It has loud cabin noise, but that's also my fault as I've just added a loud exhaust – yet even before that it was a little loud. It's very low and I struggle to go anywhere in mine, but it looks nice too, which balances that out. The short shift is amazing. It is snappy, quick and makes it have that real rally-driver feeling.

I keep on my services every time they are required, so I cannot complain about the engine. The car is very reliable and strong, but if anyone were to buy one, I'd suggest getting small things done like quick-release clips on the front and maybe some mud flaps, as they do spray the side of the car easily.

Future improvements would be perhaps an upgraded interior with more gadgets and bits and pieces. Definitely the radio, as I'm about to convert mine to touchscreen. Also, maybe more information on the odometer area like the newer models.

Otherwise, it's a perfect car and I'll be keeping mine forever, and will be doing lots of upgrades and making it a project build. Definitely blessed to have the car, especially with how rare it actually is. I wish it came with a little badge that said what number out of 300 it is.

The Crystal Black is a beautiful colour once it is detailed properly, and has lots of little speckles of colour in it and looks amazing close up.

Overall, I'm happy, happy, happy.