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  • 2.5L Boxer engine, well illuminated dash, body shape, spacious interior
  • Fuel consumption, minimal creature comforts, single CD factory head unit

by John Pham

2013 had come around and it was time for an upgrade in vehicle. The Subaru WRX more specifically the STi had always been a classic hero car for me growing up. The combination of a turbo boxer engine, AWD and manual transmission all squeezed into a hatchback body just ticked all the boxes for me.

After reading many reviews and waiting for the right opportunity I chose to purchase a brand new 2013 WRX hatch 5spd standard (the premium did nothing to entice me) in Satin pearl white.

In the 3 months of owning this car I have to say that I do love it for what it is although I feel for the price it lacked a few essentials. Keyless entry, push start button, auto wipers and headlights, 6-stacker CD are a few things I ‘missed’ in my previous car. What I did love about the car is that this generation 2011-2013 is the last of this shape before the next facelift and that the WRX gained the ‘fattened’ up wider stance of the STi.

The satin white pearl paint is beautiful in the right light, being sparkling yet smooth and creamy at times. The WRX is my first step into the performance/turbocharged car ownership category. The main drawback about performance is the poor fuel consumption. Driving conservatively gets average 400km (mixed conditions) and a spirited sprint on occasion squeezes roughly 300-350km.

The handling is a little boaty but manageable even in tight sweepers. Traction control keeps the ride straight and true even in hairy conditions. The performance is the real winner here. Cruising under 3000rpm keeps the WRX sounding like any other 4-cylinder motor but push it to 4000rpm and a instant woosh of torque starts to pull you back. Smiles are had all the way to 6500rpm.

The clutch takes some time to familiarise and the standard gearbox is quite sloppy (I had the factory STi short throw shifter added).

Interior space is quite roomy and there’s no cramped feeling when driving, adequate bucket seats do the job to ensure comfort for long rides. Boot space is decent but not deep enough for big storages.

So all in all verdict? I bought the WRX for what it is, a performance car. The classic hero household name WRX. I expected nothing less for what it is and although not a fan of the fuel consumption I still love the car.

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2013 SUBARU WRX (AWD) Review
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