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2013 Subaru Liberty 2.5i Review

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The Subie came into our lives a tad over 12 months ago and was quickly named by the kids - who loved it from the time we picked it up.

The previous owner wisely ticked the 'luxury pack' box, so our base model has light coloured leather seats, electric adjustment of the drivers seat, a 'better' audio system and sat nav. Over the past 12 months the car has done trips to the shops, trips of 400+ km in a day and everything in between carrying from one person to five and at times with a bike rack on the back, It has never let us down.

Fuel economy is comparable to a similarly aged Camry in the family and is considerably better than a Territory owned by a relative. While the CVT took a little while to get used to, the ability to get power to the wheels quickly at any speed is appreciated - those that drive it for the first time comment on the smoothness.

The car controls are easy to navigate and mostly logically placed. The electric handbrake and hill holder are godsends. One thing I have noticed when driving other cars is that the centre screen is frequently 'washed out' by direct sunlight - it is hardly ever a problem in the Subaru.

Servicing at 6 monthly intervals is a bit of a pain - but the pain in the wallet is lessened by using an independent Subaru expert rather than a dealer. The cost of sat nav upgrades is excessive and for some reason Subaru's upgrade system will only work with two versions of Microsoft Windows.

I test drove a current model Liberty prior to buying Subie, and while the 'eyesight' system would have been nice to have, unfortunately the wallet didn't have the necessary dollars in it at the time. Regardless, Subie is such a respected member of the family now that one of my kids is talking about taking the car off my hands when she gets her license in a few years time.

To finish, while the Gen 5 Liberty is a bit of an ugly duckling, the reviews suggest the interior plastic is not the best and there are other gripes but it works for us (and you sometimes have to wonder if reviews are really a little too critical).