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2013 Skoda Octavia 90 TSI Special Edition Review

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MY 2012. Compliance 2013. Totally reliable in every way. Less than 17,000kms and every thing works fine. Service at the selling dealership has been OK but at the 15,000km service they overfilled the engine oil by one litre which shouldn't have happened.

Corrected to Skoda specs when I complained. Foaming can wreck an engine. Fuel consumption claims are accurate. My experience- 5.4L/100 or less on the freeway. 6.5L/100 mixed and 7.5L/100 urban.

Up to 1000 kms on the 55 litre tank.The "always on" 12V outlet is a nuisance especially if you run a trip recorder. Salesman and dealership didn't want to know about it.

Drive away with the 7sp dsg transmission takes getting used to, but once rolling, and having become familiar with the gear lever, gear changes are virtually imperceptible. Satnav and all electronics are good.

Not really a sports car but sporty enough especially in the sports mode. Probably a good idea to use this mode occasionally to blow out the head. In normal driving rpms rarely exceed 2,500. General finish is very good.

Little road noise and no air leaks. The boot is huge and storage becomes gigantic for a car of this size when the back seats are laid down flat. I'm satisfied with my purchase and have full confidence in the car.

Despite minor gripes I would buy another Skoda and recommend it to others. With the same size tank my Skoda using ron98 costs less to run than the i30 I traded did on ron92.