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2013 Peugeot 308 Sportium Touring HDi Review

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When I bought the 2013 Peugeot 308 Sportium Touring wagon, space enough to fit two bikes standing in the rear instead of plonking them on the roof or rear mounted rack was the main requirement as was the ability to load large Ikea flat-packs. This car is versatile enough for all this as all rear seats( 5 of them) can be removed.

The compromise was uncomfortable thin seats - unusual for Peugeot- and taut ride(bum numbing in fact), fine as it's a Sportium you say? A strong diesel engine which pulls superbly up climbs matched to a smooth, seamless 6 speed gearbox and great economy (5.4/l Melbourne to Brisbane). Replacing the tyres to Pirelli P7's, has improved the ride and handling immmensely.

Poor turning circle will frustrate as will lack of front sensors, dipping side mirrors, paddleshift, rear camera standard on German cars for around the same money. Bluetooth phone works well but the GPS requires some getting used to as are the out of date maps. Service costs are reasonable but the goalposts shifted in the course of ownership beginning at $299 every 20Km on purchase but now $339 every 15Km two years later??

If you want a strong pulling, space wagon with matched quiet diesel and gearbox this is it, as long as you don't mind 3 point turns all the time and hitting bottom over gutters at the front. Would I own another? If I was a family man, the combinations of space, diesel economy, and good looks would win me as long as more standard features were included for the same money.