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2013 Opel Astra Opc Review

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Very glad to hear this model coming back to Holden! Mine has been an absolute pleasure, brutal performance when you want it ( which is often!) but quite comfortable, roomy and practical when not testing out the "G" meter!

The looks of this thing is pretty hard to beat on the road, certainly none of the other hot hatches can in my opinion anyway. The interior is button city, but seats are awesome and fit and finish is very good.

Fuel economy is about average in the hot hatch class, but then not sure what car with 206kw and 400nm betters it? At least for a petrol engine. The gearbox is good but not the last word in smoothness in lower gears, but easily forgiven when you bury the right foot.

Handling is great, grip for days and sits nice flat round corners. Ride is comfortable, less so in OPC mode but then the performance is even more meaty.

Practicality wise I was very surprised, it's very roomy inside and has a great big boot. The huge front racing seats don't impact to much on rear passenger comfort and with 400nm of torque you can carry passengers without strangling the motor! I will say that with the slopping roofline, a reverse camera would have been good as well as the sensors.

Overall I really rate this car, if your considering a hot hatch or even a more conventional sports car I'd suggest you try this. With Holden selling them, parts and servicing just became much easier and you won't be as nervous about the rather notorious reliability issues of VW, Renault etc.