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2013 Nissan Patrol Ti-L (4x4) Review

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My y62 is my 4th Patrol and best yet!

15L/100 average. This is the first question asked by anyone is how I like it, yes it is large and not carpark friendly, I would not recommend it for weekly shopping trips around town, but put it in the country where it belongs and you have a very comfortable and capable vehicle.

Towing a two ton yacht at the speed limit up every hill on the Hume Highway and not dropping a kilometre in speed and came in with 21L/100 and with power to spare. Better than the old 4.8 petrol that had an average of 21L/100. If you like to go offroad the only downfall has been scraping its belly over humps - larger diameter tyres would fix this.

The only other minor complaints I have are the seat heater dials are very small and hard to see if on or off but I will have to live with this and have found it to be very fussy with fuel, only liking 98. If it isn't available and 95 is used won't rev, like having a speed limiter fitted, this has been a bit frustrating when overtaking.

The reliability of a larger petrol motor won me over even with the extra fuel usage, because of the problems heard of the smaller 4 cylinder motors with turbos and common rail diesels working hard and having very expensive rebuild costs.

Love the ease at which it does everything offroad, on road and towing. The awesome power on tap whenever you need it and the addition of an after market exhaust to make the most of the glorious V8 sound which puts a smile on your dial - very happy overall.