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2013 Nissan Navara ST-X 550 Review

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I bought a Navara ST-X 550 from Nissan brand new. The dual-cab ute definitely is quite a nice unit with plenty of power. It's good on fuel too. I own a caravan and it pulls that well. Saying that, when it had about 10,000km on the clock, the seven-speed auto started slipping when it was cold, now nissan dealer ship i went to started telling me that yhis is the way they are meant to be? are they for real? what a pack of absolute idiots. seriously.

Anyway after much running around nissan finally admitted to me that my navara stx550 had a common fault in the auto , which turned out to be a faulty torque converter. they actually admitted to me that most navaras have faulty 7 speed autos and that most people dont pick the fault therefor it never gets fixed. nissan customer service is almost non existent. shame on them.

Selling these cars knowing they are fauly and charging $60,000 for them. they admitted to me it is all stx550 models and stx with the v6 550 motor and 7 speed auto (so any navara with a 7 speed auto has a bad gearbox and will need replacing if the owner picks the slipping issue).

So in the end the box was replaced but i had to deal with a lot of really under qualified mechsnics talking absolute crap to me trying to get out of it first. come on guys your seriously just making your selves look like a pack of idiots.