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Advantages: easy to ride , smooth to drive , outside looks very nice , inside very comfortable and spacious , very good on fuel as the tank lasts about 650 km , only for 40 litres full tank and the interior design is good looking but the materials are basic but feels strong with 4 cup holders in the car 2 in front and 2 in the middle The radio and speakers are good plus steering control. Fuel gauge tells you how much petrol you are using and the average consumption in addition to how long it lasts .

The front seats are adjustable up and down and back and forward . The boot is massive and can carry lots of stuff. The clutch is smooth and the gear is nice. The engine is quite enough for manual but I think it would be different story for automatic as I drive up the hills everyday and its very good in performance . The airconditioner is great . Car safety is of high grade such as seatbelt , children lock , number of airbags available.

Disadvantages : no USB in radio if the person is keen but it wasn't my own need as there is AUX which does the same job. There is no Cruise control .

Generally for the price you get more features than you pay as for the same amount you might get 4-5 years old car in a different make.

I have done 1000 km service recently and they were very professional

I love my Almera