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2013 Mitsubishi Challenger (4x2) Review

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I didn't need a 4WD, so I bought the 4x2 as I couldn't justify paying more than $7,000 for the privilege. Besides, the 'Enhancement Pack' was only available in the 4x2 (for an extra $2,00 or so). This was factory tinted windows, auto sensing wipers and driving lights, and I think the reverse camera and Bluetooth.

I tow a caravan weighing just under 2 tonnes and the Challenger does it fairly well until it gets hilly. I could only compare this to a 2007 Grand Carnival (petrol engine) that absolutely powered through the hills. The Grand Carnivals downfall was the front wheel drive could not cope when it rained.

The Challenger interior space was a challenge. Space in the front is tight and the seats uncomfortable on long drives. There is no lumber support and it is sorely missed. The rear passenger seats are suffer the same fate as the front. The rear seats recline quite a long way but the wheel arches impede on the lower part and the resulting need to cut away on the width of the back part of the seat is another source of discomfort.

The cargo area is one of the reason why I chose the Challenger. The dimensions and size were the best that suited my needs. The roof rails allowed me to chose racks from any manufacturer and any price range.

The console and instrument layout is very good and the controls on the steering wheel are uncomplicated. The vision all around the car is another pleasing aspect.