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2013 Mercedes-Benz GL 350 BlueTEC Review

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When we bought this vehicle in 2013, we initially were so impressed by the space, the comfort and the whole experience of travelling in it over long distances that we thought to keep this vehicle with us longer beyond when Agility program finished its term. It is a very comfortable vehicle and true to Mercedes image, is a mammoth luxury.

Despite its size, it manoeuvres well and the steering despite being less precise is a comfortable thing to hold over and steer. The thickness of the steering wheel also is very robust but not hard to grip. Also the cabin is so silent despite being a diesel vehicle. It has got excellent mid range pulling power that enables you to surge within the limits of being with your family and driving sensibly.

So we loved it for all these reasons. However, along the way, we are not so keen after two and a half years. Because;-

The ride quality over the years bogs this beautiful 7 seater down. We have driven it for 30000 kms, all the time on city roads, highways and freeways. The trouble is; the vehicle seems to have started developing some vibration on speeds above 90 kms/hour. We have changed tyres which also have not resolved the problem.

I think that Mercedes should offer the 'anti-roll option' the 'Active Curve System' as a standard feature in 350 and 500 engines, just like it does in the AMG. The back of the body wobbles and it may well be connected to this vibration issue?! As in does this excess wobble create circumstances for underbody to develop some faults, or whether it eats up tyres life? A long car like the GL should not be offered without stabilisation mechanisms as default options.

What is the point of buying a luxury SUV when it wobbles and vibrates?