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2013 Mercedes-Benz B200 Be Review

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One of the best cars I have driven. Very big and roomy inside yet small outside and easy to park.

Park assist is great. Ambient lighting adds that comfortable touch. Doors sit high and never scrape the ground when getting in. Easy to use command system for navigation, bluetooth telephone and USB connections. Really is a joy to drive.

Very quiet engine, smooth and very reliable. I have the fully optioned model with leather seats and memory seat adjustments (up to three memory positions) as well as heated seats and carpet Mercedes mats. Side mirrors automatically fold in when locking. Steering wheel vibrates if you cross lanes and has blind spot sensors in the side mirrors for changing lanes. Tons of sensors that alert you when you are too close to other objects. Cruise control is magic and easy to use. has auto broke assist so when slowing down it knows how far the vehicle in front of you is and adjusts the brakes smoothly.

Has adaptive transmission memory so it adapts to how you drive. (If you're a fast racing car driver it changes gears a lot slower and revs higher. If you are a slow Sunday driver, it changes the gears a lot later and smoother) Lots of room in the back when the hatch is down. Lots of room for luggage and shopping.

Front seats have fold out tables at the back for passengers in the back seats. Sunglasses storage up top and lighted mirrored visors for driver and passenger. Do yourself a favour and test drive one!