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2013 Mazda 6 Sport Review

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Have owned the Mazda for 6 months and overall happy with the car.I do get a lot of comments on how good the car looks (driver doesn't get the same), ON the fuel use age I am getting 7.2 combined,might be a bit of a worry if only metro driving. Mid range power 3 / 4 gear is great goes like a rocket and a nice tune from the engine 1st gear on the other hand is loud and a bit slow.

Comfort is very nice ,you really are cruising on the open road and overtaking is no problem, cornering is precise and you get good feed back through the steering wheel.

I have 3 boys all 6ft plus and have no problems fitting them in front and back and the boot with the fold down rear seats give you ample space.

Due for its first service in a couple of weeks expecting a bill of around $250 I hope!

On course roads noise is a bit to loud they could improve that with a bit more insulation, but you can live with it.

One thing Mazda needs to do is an upgrade of the sat nav not happy with mine it just stops working , will be getting service to fix it hopefully.

Test drove many cars in this class and the madza for ME was the stand out , in comfort and performance and I am very happy with my decision so far.

Can't wait for mazda to bring out an MPS 6 that will be a cracker