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2013 Mazda 3 Sp25 Review
  • Comfort, Space, Running Costs
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Cabin Noise

by Kirk Muddle

So the SP25 was a New Year / Repaired Hail Damage / End of Model / my Focus XR5 Turbo is costing me too much to run purchase, which, in essence, is a much better proposition for the driving I do (2 -3 times a week Brisbane to Sunshine Coast and back, plus commuting around Brisbane).

As we are almost at the end of the warranty, and I have been debating what to do next, thought it opportune to offer a review.
First the Good:

It’s comfortable
The interior is incredibly versatile – fold down the back seats and you can shove in so much stuff.

It’s dependable
The 2.5l engine goes really well, keeps up in traffic, cruises nicely with the cruise control on at 110km/hr
Its cost me no money other than routine services and one set of tyres.

The interior is nicely put together and the “leather” interior is easy to keep clean with dogs in and out of the car.
Everyone else I know says they just keep going (so far so good).
I’ve averaged 8.5l/100KM over 67,000km in 2.5 years.
It was great value for money at $7k off retail when I bought it.
It will likely serve the purpose of the 6 year no residual loan term.
The Bose sound system sounds good.

Now the Bad
Cabin Noise is a bit loud. I hoped the new tyres would fix it, but no.
Fuel is heavy around town, it seems suited to Highway runs.
10,000km service intervals are a tad on the short side.
Mazda Service goes from great (Sunshine Coast Mazda) to Diabolical (Eagers) depending on where you take it.
The Bluetooth is WOEFUL. Worse still the issue seems to be related to iPhones only, and every time there is an iOS upgrade on the iPhone it gets worse! Mazda blame the phone, Apple blame Mazda, and I am left with a Bluetooth that drops out and reconnects at will during calls.

It’s probably the ONE thing that makes me hate the car.

In every other regard the car suits my purposes, but when you’re on the road as much as me, you depend on these things.
Would I buy a new one, possibly.

2013 Mazda 3 Sp25 Review Review
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