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2013 Mazda 3 NEO Review

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Only owned the car for 6 weeks, the fuel economy doesn't seem too bad , so far I'm averaging 14 km/L or about 100km/7L, would have preferred a slightly sleeker, smaller car, (have the hatch for practicality but would have preferred a lift-back sedan, hate the look of station-wagons) but still like Mazda's edgy, bold styling.

Would be better with some sort of reverse parking assistance (camera/sensors), a little road noise, like the rorty sound on acceleration & the 2L motor & 6 gears. Comfortable drive especially compared to the hard suspension I previously had. Would also like auto rain & light sensors, bright internal led lights on timers, especially in boot as mine seems to be dull & easily forget to turn off , the lighting for seats seems to get hot if lift on for a few minutes?!...Maybe one for the motor would be a good idea. Nice bit of acceleration, & manoeuvrable enough around corners & overtaking, love the alloys, like the lightish colour of interior (my old car had black) .Not the quickest, but up there.

Could do with more colour options such as a subtle green/blue or teal (I'm terrible at making decisions!) bought the silver (Aluminium ) for practicality, my last car was black...

Overall, not a bad little package, good all-rounder, roomy enough to transport items such as small furniture & hardware, boot roomy enough for shopping. Always loved Mazda's unique styling. 1st service free then about $275? every 10,000kms. I'm a little picky as I want good value for money & keep my cars for as long as feasible :)