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  • fuel economy, quick shifting gearbox, power delivery, comfort in the seats, handling
  • could be roomier, new car price tag, it took me this long to buy one

by Jarrod

The Mazda 3 surprised me upon initial test drive. I originally steered clear due to the price of mazdas and had heard the mazdas were quite thirsty. The car immediately surprised me as i am achieving better then quoted fuel economy, saving nearly half a litre per one hundred kilometres on the quoted 7.8 litres and saving nearly 2 litres on my outdated automatic ford focus work vehicles.

The mazda has amazing acceleration and the 6 speed manual transmission I chose encourages driving. I smile everytime i am behind the wheel and fell in love at first drive. The mazdas sharp steering and incredible power delivery through each gear had me sit up and take notice.

Over time I have learnt that although containing 6 gears the mazda will comfortably take on hills while still in 5th or 6th gear. I Love the standard features and the overall design of the mazda from the bucket seats to the steering assembly.

My mazda 3 has in addition impressed family and friends who have commented on dashboard design and features. Although being less roomy in the back seats in comparison to some other models the boot size comfortably won my favour over other models.

Being an avid kayak owner and cycling enthusiast I had no problems adapting suitable roof racks for the hatch back and have been able to comfortably fit my bicycle into the back with the seats folded down.After being an initial skeptic i can now see why its australias number one selling car.

2013 Mazda 3 Neo Review Review
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