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2013 Land Rover Defender 90 Review

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A Defender is a unique, very special vehicle with a brilliant history. Whilst it is unstoppable offroad, it is still pretty good on road, and many pristine examples on the road today would never see the dirt. They can be surprisingly comfortable, and we have travelled at least 7/800 klms a day in ours with absolutely no issues. Overtaking B Doubles does require a bit of planning though!

A Defender is special, and the cabin, particularly the driver's seat is a good place to be,...an excellent view of the road, and all around. And, because the defender is not "fast", your driving experience changes, and especially in the country, one tends to take more interest in the scenery etc.

The defender is not like most modern cars, no auto trans, no cruise control, not much "agility" etc, so you really have to "Drive" a Defender, with only 90KW, it's a good idea to take note of the tachometer to ensure you're in the correct torque band. It can be a bit of a challenge, but also most rewarding.

We've had plenty of nice fast cars, including a Mercedes AMG C63, but the car we most like to be in, is our Defender, who we have named "Gracie". She is part of the family!

Whilst we certainly didn't buy Gracie for the attention she would attract, We've had more adniring comments about Gracie than any car we've owned. People wander over to talk about her. People look & wave. Got pulled up in a breathalyser, & the cop just wanted to talk about the Defender!

Defenders are special, VERY special.