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2013 Kia Sportage Platinum (AWD) Review

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Bought the Kia Sportage platinum diesel and have now had 2 years of trouble free motoring. Wanted something else other than a sedan but didnt want a big SUV so settled on the Sportage. Had a towbar fitted to take my bikeracks as I do a fair amount of mountain biking. Needed something spacious and with good ground clearance to get to some out of the way places. Has never let me down and even with 4 mountain bikers and their weekend gear has coped no problems.

Very economical and powerful 2l diesel . I get around 9.5l/100km in Melbourne city driving and around 7l/100km on the open road. Economy improved up to about 10000km and has stayed there since. Lots of torque and can hold its own in a drag race from the lights much to the surprise of drivers of other more expensive cars and SUVs. In the next model it would be good if Kia could spread the torque across the rev range more as it ssems to arrive in a rush.

The awd and off road capability is pretty considering that it really is a softroader. With dirt tyres I could get a lot further off road. 6 speed gearbox is pretty good at staying in the right gear. Only once or twice was it caught out.

One of the key factors that made me purchase it was the 7year warranty and capped price servicing. The lowest cost ownership and great to see manufacturer backing their product like this. Gives me a lot of faith in Kia. My daughters drive cars from Kia's sister company and have had many years trouble free motoring .

The platinum diesel model has all the bells and whistles on and you need anything more. I installed a hayman Reese towbar for my towing needs at the time of purchase. The panoramic sunroof is really great amd gives a nice airey feel when riding around . Leather seats are nicely done and easy to keep clean even with mountain bike mud on them. The satnav works a treat and you get the annual software upgrades as part of the services. Only once had to go onto to the dealer for them to fix a software glitch. The heated seats are fantastic on those cold winter mornings I didn't think I would use them however I am happy to say that these are the first thing to be switched in winter

When deciding on the Sportage I took the Audi Q3 BMW Z3, Mazda CX5 and Honda crv for testdrives but felt that the Kia ticked the boxes and was probably the most comfortable to drive. Some of the other cars had nicer plastics in the cabin but I didnt feel that was worrh more than the 7year warranty and cheaper cost of ownership. Looks wise the Sportage is a good looking car.

All in all I'm very happy with my 1st Kia and will look at changing over at around the 5year mark.