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2013 Kia Rio SS Review

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Purchased in from Stillwell Kia Main North RD SA, sales team are fantastic, servicing has been affordable and a great experience.

Great interior and all fit and bits of trim are good quality and are built to last, stereo gets better once worn in. 6 speed manual has a short shift and is very precise, feels very sporty.

The clutch is responsive but still light, the steering is electric so its very light but a small downside is not much feel through the steering. Disk breaks all round stop the car very quickly and have saved me once or twice.

The 1.4 lacks low down power but once above 40kmph it winds itself up and takes off, quite quick for a small engine. The suspension is the party piece of this car, its composed and keeps the car planted at all times, it goes through the hills very well with plenty of grip and the suspension keeps it nice and levelled.

I have tried the 4 speed auto and stay away, it is sluggish and I would 100% recommend the 6 speed manual, easy to learn and use, just makes the car drive better. The boot is massive and the rear folding seats turns the 2 door into a small van. Fuel economy is very good, $50 on 98 will get me a full tank and over 600kms range.

For a cheap car the Rio is by far better than the Fiesta, Swift, Yaris, Accent and Barina. It drives like an expensive big car not a car for 14k.