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2013 Jeep Patriot Limited Review

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I purchased this car form Brighton Jeep in Melbourne in July 2013 after a 5-month wait.

We ordered the car in February but had to wait 5 months to get it as Jeep updated the car (changing the transmission from a CVT to a 6 speed auto and updating other things.) the car end up costing less then expected as we option GPS at $2750 and this became standard with the 2014 model year update.

The Jeep is mostly used to drive around inner city Melbourne. I have found the car to be comfortable and easy to park
We have family in country NSW and frequently visit and the car has been good as a long distance cruiser on trips from Melbourne to country NSW.

The car is great in the snow and the 4WD system keeps traction in snow slush (without snow chains). The boot is also big enough to fit all the ski gear and the skis fit in well with the back seat folded down, although I will be getting roof racks next snow season. It was also good off road when we took it to the Murrumbidgee river.

The Uconnect Bluetooth/GSP/audio system works well it automatically connects to your mobile when you turn the car on. It syncs to your address book and you can call and text people via voice command (the voice command works well once you get used to it).

The Bluetooth streaming works well and pictures of the songs album come up on the screen when songs are playing. Boston Acoustics sound system is great and has good bass. Jeep Australia gave us a free maps update, which was nice.

The steering wheel is great and you can control everything form it. The only problem I have had with the system is when you drive through the Domain or Burnley tunnels with navigation on, the GPS thinks you are driving on the streets above the tunnel, which is annoying but apart form that the system is great☺

Fuel economy is as claimed I average 11.5 driving around the city and it drops to 7.6 when driving a long distances on the motorway. The petrol tank is only 50 liters and I think it should be bigger.

Servicing is every 6 months or 12 thousand Kms. I think it should bet every 12 months or 15 thousand like the Holden Cruze I owned before the Jeep.

I had an electrical problem which stopped the car form starting and the drive shaft had to be replaced but these issues were fixed under warranty and I was given a loan car so I did not really care. Parts for Jeeps come form Port Melbourne so I have never had to wait more then a day for parts.

Having said that I found Brighton Jeep Service department to be incompetent and I have lost conferenced in their ability to service my car.

Brighton Jeep consistently forgot to stamp the log book and reset the computer which results in the service light coming on after a service. You end up having to take your car back to them after having it serviced. They also have crappy loan cars, you drop your automatic Jeep for a service/warranty repair and they give you a base model manual Fiat.

They don’t believe you when the tell them about a problem (will only take you serious after you complain to Fiat Chrysler head office) then act like they are doing you a massive favor every time they fix something under warranty.

I now take the car to Melbourne City Jeep and have found them to be competent, professional and they have decent loan cars.

I love my Jeep Patriot and am happy I bought a Jeep. I plan on trading the Patriot in for a Cherokee when the time comes.