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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (4x4) review

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I bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee because it looked different to most 4x4s on the road and it had great style, comfort and driveability. I like the ease of operating the vehicle, particularly when on an open road using the adaptive cruise control, and the ride is excellent.

However, my list of dislikes now outweighs the reasons I purchased the vehicle. I went away from dealer servicing due to their high costs and went to Ultratune, where I now have reasonable service costs and better communication and customer service.

Availability of parts is another issue and the replacement costs are astronomical. Parts are not readily available, and recently I have bought parts in from the US at one-third of the costs in Australia and have received these parts in under seven days.

Jeep recently quoted six weeks for panel parts as the vehicle was in a slight bingle. The water pump went at 60,000km and no replacement was available in Australia. I bought two water pumps from the US for $350 landed, whereas Jeep Australia quoted $1400. The rear tail-light assembly replacement – $2100. I bought it from the US for $495 landed and had the parts in five days.

The traction-control light appeared on the dash, and now I am awaiting the final drive control module and was advised a wait of one month. The list goes on, and now a recall to replace the PC Module. In other words, the vehicle is not reliable, and I am concerned with what else is going to fail when I need to drive the vehicle outside city limits.

The tech in the car is fantastic, but how long will it all last is the question. I tow a golf cart on a trailer around town and it does this with ease, which is a good attribute. I think Jeep needs to review its engine/transmission technology and the modules that control all the turning bits to ensure longevity.

Once the two current issues are resolved, I will be looking to trade it in. Being a realist, I am sure the value will be so low that I will burn more cash, which will leave a very sour experience in owning a Jeep.